Adderall Addiction and Abuse in London Greater London

Addicted To Adderall

The United States is facing an alarming increase in Adderall consumption. The people who use it the most are the student ones.

Its effects are very close to the ones that are offered by Cocaine or prescription stimulants. The risk of becoming dependent on Adderall is high among people who take the drug when it is not prescribed.

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Extended intake of this drug establishes a tolerance in the user making him/her dependent on the drug to feel normal or even function with regular routines.

Adderall causes the Dopamine levels in the brain to rise. Dopamine is a neurochemical that makes the body feel good and is usually produces a reward effect. Adderall makes the body secrete abnormal big quantities of Dopamine, very far from the regular levels. The euphoric effect or intense joy compels the user to get more of this drug.

Adderall is responsible for attentiveness and efficiency because the brain of the addict is reliant on it. Exhaustion and mental cloudiness is common in addicts who haven't taken Adderall. This kind of signs shows a hard dependency on Adderall. A person exhibiting the following habits is likely dependent on Adderall

  • To experience a impact of the drug, the user requires bigger amounts of it.
  • Consuming the drug in spite of knowledge of the damage it's causing
  • Adderall is necessary for many regular tasks like working
  • Spending enormous amount of money getting the drug
  • Sluggish attention or reaction without the dosage

Adderall's dependence is accidental. A person may be under significant pressure when they first decide to use Adderall such as when studying for a test or on a hard day at work. A way of obtaining the substance is to pretend to suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Addiction to Adderall will gradually occur under such abuse and soon, nothing will matter to the addict as much as the drug.

Adderall dependence is not easy to overcome due to the strong removal side-effects. These withdrawal symptoms can seem intolerable for some. It is easier to give up the drug by looking for a therapist or a clinic.

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Adderall Awareness

Being the most frequently prescribed amphetamine, Adderall is a strong central nervous system (CNS) booster. Because it is so prone to cause an addiction, this is a schedule II supervised substance.

ADHD and Narcolepsy are among the conditions for which Adderall is prescribed. Although it decreases fatigue in narcoleptic patients, it has the opposite effect in those with ADHD.

Adderall tablets can be found from 5 to 30 milligrams and are meant to be taken by mouth. There are cases of Adderall's tablets smashed to snort the powder in order to experience instant effects.

Speed, uppers, black beauties, Addys, and pep pills are the nicknames given to Adderall.

Effects Of Abusing Adderall

Just because Adderall is prescribed by medical professionals doesn't make it safe. There are long term negative effects and possible addiction when the drug is abused continuously. Since it produces feelings of confidence, euphoria, increased concentration and a suppressed appetite, that's why people abuse Adderall. Anybody who needs a better physical or psychological outcome will most likely go for Adderall.

It is an overuse of Adderall when the user consumes it without having a doctor order. Taking Adderall in huge amounts or snorting it to get the more intense strength of the drug.

Adderall is being abused for other reasons such as

  • Loss of weight
  • Capacity of studying
  • Sports
  • Recreation
  • Staying awake longer

Although it is known that younger people are said to be abusing this drug, the cases of older people in to the drug is also substantial. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in fact claims that most cases of Adderall addiction occur in people who started taking the drug in their early 20s.

People Who Misuse Adderall

  • Pupils and workers
  • Students trying to study harder and professionals in stressful work/study environments commonly abuse Adderall in the hope that it will help them to stay alert and avoid sleeping.
  • A remarkable population of those abusing Adderall is made up by college students in particular.
  • Athletes
  • Adderall may be abused by athletes to overcome fatigue and increase performance during practice and in competition.
  • Adderall abuse led to a record-breaking year of drug-related suspensions in the National Football League in 2012.
  • Those who suffer eating disorders
  • Use of Adderall can cause loss of appetite and this makes it popular with people who have eating disorders.
  • Therapy for both eating issues and Adderall dependence has to be provided at the same time.

A deadly overdose is the most dangerous risk of taking Adderall, but not the only one. The Symptoms of overdose are

  • Chest pain
  • Nausea or sickness
  • Shallow and rapid breathing
  • Uncontrolled shaking or convulsions
  • Passing out
  • Fever

Popular Drug Combinations Of Adderall

There are few instances attributed to abusing Adderall together with other drugs. Enhancing the consequences of Adderall is the reason some people mix it with other substances. In cases where Adderall keeps them awake, they score some downers to put them at ease and more relaxed. Whatever the reason, combining Adderall with other drugs raises the risks of overdose and complications such as heart attack.

Adderall overdose in 2009 was found to be combined with other substances in 67 percent of emergency situations.

Some drugs popularly added with Adderall are

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana

For those who consumes Adderall and alcohol are more prone to have complications with this last one. This is due to the reason that the effects of severe alcohol intoxication can be masked by the alertness produced by Adderall. Someone on Adderall might not perceive the amount they have drank, and end up with alcohol poisoning.

Students using Adderall have increased probability to abuse alcohol, marijuana and Cocaine as also revealed by studies.

Adderall Misuse And The Stats

Dependence is harder to tackle if Adderall has been used for long time. It may not be easy to give up Adderall use on your own due to the withdrawal symptoms.