Crack Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in London Greater London

What Is Crack Cocaine

After the initial use of crack Cocaine, dependency can evolve and keep growing since that first high can't be reached with the same dose of the drug.

It is termed a hard rug due to its make up but appearance can be deceiving, it is white, the colour of purity but it is far from it. Crack cocaine is laboratory manufactured made by mixing baking powder or ammonia into cocaine powder. It can be smoked by heating glass pipe, aluminium cans or foil to vaporize the "rock".

Popping or cracking sound this substance produces when it is heated is responsible for its name - crack Cocaine. There are other names to call this substance; they are rock (s), kryptonite, sleet, cookies, and sleet. But people often call it crack.

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Crack is an illegal drug prohibited by the constitution. The high from crack is potent and felt right away because it is inhaled rather than sniffed, which makes it travel to the brain much faster. Nevertheless, the high goes as quickly as it comes.

All these good feelings are short lived and leave one yearning for more which leads to taking way more than the body can handle which could lead to death. There is no scale as how much is too much, hence even when experimenting one may easily overdoes.

These are the effects of crack Cocaine

  • Extreme excitement
  • Hyperactivity. It also makes you feel so energetic.
  • anxiety
  • Talkativeness. Most of crack users become more talkative as they feel so energetic and euphoric.
  • Enhanced confidence

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An overdose can be one big hit or gradual summation of small hit over a short period.

Enlarged pupils and perspiration are warning signs of when one has taken too much. The other usual immediate effects of smoking crack like anxiety, aggressive behaviour or even seizure are exhibited before an overdose. Underlying renal disorders and hypertension worsen the outcome of crack.

Addiction To Crack Cocaine

Cocaine has nothing on crack which is more dangerous in all aspects. Most people get addicted to crack Cocaine since the very first try. Moreover, the addiction grows very fast within them. In a very short time, crack Cocaine becomes the main need to them. The effect of crack Cocaine is very intense. It gives a very pleasing effect to the users. However, it lasts only for a very short time. Therefore, many people need higher dose of crack Cocaine to keep the effect going. This quickly grows into dependency at which point you are completely hooked.

When the addiction grows within users, the dose of the crack Cocaine they need will always grow each passing day. They need more of crack Cocaine to be able to feel the effects. Thus, when crack Cocaine addicts try to leave their addiction, it is very difficult as they will struggle with the withdrawal symptoms. The brain eventually loses its ability to naturally produce dopamine (a chemical the brain produces to make a person feel happy) because it will rely on the crack to force-release excess amounts of dopamine.

The cravings grow stronger and stronger due to the undesirable withdrawal symptoms he or she experiences. Dangerous consequences of crack abuse are often ignored by the addicts.

Development Of Crack Addiction

People who have never used drugs before don't usually turn to crack. More often than not one is addicted to the 'mother' drug cocaine before they graduate to crack. Crack has a pretty low cost compared with Cocaine that is also called a drug for the rich. That is why almost everybody, especially people that live under the difficult circumstances, can access this substance easily. However, a crack addiction can become a very expensive habit since addicts need bigger doses to maintain their high, which might end up costing them multiple hundreds or thousands of dollars per week.

Crack Abuse Statistics

There is barely any data on rack abuse given its illicit nature.

Quitting The Crack Abuse

Find the correct treatment can re-teach the brain to naturally produce dopamine again and return it to its natural, healthy self, without having to depend on crack Cocaine. Step up and change your life now.