Demerol Addiction and Abuse in London Greater London

Addiction And Demerol

Demerol is an opioid likened to Morphine. Whether you take a prescribed dosage or non prescribed Demerol, it commands a high level of dependency.

Most people are unaware that taking prescription drugs such as Demerol could lead to addition with time. Tolerance can be caused by regular abuse of this painkiller-necessitating the user to take increased amounts of the drug to feel it's effects - and physical dependence.

A physical dependency on Demerol is when the abuser's brain loses proper functionality and becomes reliant on the drug to help produce a "normal" feeling.

Demerol frequent users show signs of drug taking characteristics overtime.

In hopes of receiving increased amount of the drug, an addicted user may "lose" prescriptions in order to get fresh ones or go to the emergency room with a fictitious or self-made injury. To get prescriptions from each of them, they may also start "doctor shopping" or visiting multiple doctors.

Demerol abuser's are likely to

  • Live a solitary life from loved ones
  • Continue to ingest Demerol despite experiencing it's detrimental effects
  • Spend their resources and even steal
  • Abscond responsibilities and neglect relationships

Easy to get hooked to Demerol, hard to break free and live a normal life without using dependency drugs again. If you're addicted to Demerol, withdrawal signs for instance, uncertainty and disgust, present huge challenges to overcome. These symptoms often result in many people going back onto the drug in an effort to have a normal sense of feeling again.

Demerol users can be assisted by a treatment programme that provides medical detox to interrupt this cycle and successfully be sober. Contact us today for assistance in finding a suitable programme for you

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Getting To Know Demerol (Meperidine)

Demerol is the trademark of meperidine, in the opioid painkiller category. With narcotic effects similar to Morphine or Oxycodone, the drug is utilized to treat moderate to severe pain.

Demerol has been sanctioned by the Controlled Substances Act as a schedule II drug, meaning that it cannot legally be in someone's presence without a prescription from a doctor. Street names for Demerol commonly come under "dust", "D" and "dillies".

It is uncommon to have Demerol given outside of a clinic environment.

Demerol can be found in liquid or tablet state. The tablets are circular in shape, white in colour and come in 50mg or 100 mg strengths. Demerol can be produced in a liquid syrup form or as an injectable solution, but this is usually only given out to patients by a medical professional. Demerol tablets and syrup once recommended by the doctors are taken by mouth.

Effects And Abuse Of Demerol

Most people are hooked to pain killers such as Demerol without realizing they are abusing the drug. Initially they will start by taking the drug normally as a means to deal with pain, but tolerance can soon take place, and when it does the user will up their dosage to ensure they feel pain relief. In due course, they're hooked which means that they form a physical dependence on the drug, which is frequently followed by a psychological dependence.

Illegal use of Demerol is when it is used without medical or prescribed acceptance.

Consuming Demerol on a regular basis, with increased intake or for a longer duration than the prescribed time are all signs of abuse to the drug. Demerol is specifically meant for oral consumption, however not all heed this call by

  • Crushing tablets
  • Crushing tablets into a powder and snorting
  • Injecting dissolved crushed Demerol powder

These alternative methods of taking Demerol increase the intensity. Lasting sedation comes after a thrilling and strong rush. The chief reasons people abuse Demerol are this fast and intense relaxation.

An overdose is highly likely with Demerol making it a hazardous drug. The pulmonary system can be damaged giving way to a respiratory malfunction leading to death if the drug is taken in big doses. Other signs of a person who has overdosed on Demerol include

  • Strong dizziness
  • Stupor
  • Muscular weakness
  • Hypothermia
  • Cold, clammy skin
  • Unconsciousness

If you suspect a Demerol overdose, seek medical attention urgently.

Familiar Drug Combinations

Demerol is an extremely strong pain reliever and should not be consumed with any other drugs, especially similar Central Nervous System (CNS) depressants. You risk drowsiness, overdose, and death if you combine Demerol with alcohol or benzodiazepines CNS tranquilizers.

Also dangerous is mixing stimulants with Demerol, as this will cause a set of chemicals in the body that will be working against each other. A strong stimulant will suppress Demerol effects and the other way around. In an effort to increase the dulled effects, causing overdose, this can lead to consuming increased amount of either drug. "Speed balling" is slang for mixing drugs and sedatives.

Demerol And The Abuse Statistics

If you have difficulty shaking off a Demerol addiction, you're not alone. You can choose to join the millions of former addicts who have overcome their dependence on Demerol. Our dependence experts will back you up with a therapy clinic that suits your case whenever you ring us.