Dilaudid Addiction and Abuse in London Greater London

Addiction To Dilaudid

Dilaudid is commonly prescribed as a morphine-derivative painkiller. This is an addictive drug that shares similar effects on the user as Heroin.

In the opioid class of narcotics, the Dilaudid is known as one of the more powerful synthetic drug and the regular use of Dilaudid can rapidly develop an addiction to Dilaudid. The regular users of Dilaudid can build a tolerance to the drug, requiring greater and more rapid doses to get the desired effects. In the case of a tolerance issue, the patients will take the pills more regularly which can be checked by them finishing their prescription ahead of the recommended time.

A tolerance to Dilaudid is developed in the users within two or three weeks.

Addicts who have gained a tolerance to the drug may begin to manifest with withdrawal symptoms after the drugs wears off. Addiction occurs when someone who wants to stop taking Dilaudid but is unable to do so.

Dilaudid addiction can be inferred from these signs

  • Obsessively craving the next dose
  • Spending huge amounts of money on the drug
  • Neglecting other duties such as work or even school work
  • The desire for higher doses to attain the much needed effects
  • Neglecting friends and family in favour of drug use
  • Stealing from medicine cabinets
  • Forging Dilaudid prescriptions
  • Buying Dilaudid online or off the street

It is a common habit of Dilaudid addicts that they get involved in criminal activities in the search of getting more of the drug.

Understanding Dilaudid Hydromorphone

Severe pains are the cause for which Dilaudid (Hydromorphone) the schedule II controlled material is prescribed. To dull the pain, the drug attached to receptors in the brain and central nervous system. The feeling of well-being is produced as the drug impacts the pleasure centre of the brain.

A number of addicts may opt for doctor shopping to get new prescriptions and they normally state chronic pain is their main concern.

Physicians usually prescribe this drug for pain due to cancer or in cases of severe injuries, for instance burns. Within 15 minutes Dilaudid takes effect, and its pain-relieving effect last up to six hours.

Physicians normally prescribe the tablets in low doses, 2mg or 4 mg. You could either have pills which are round or either triangular. Dilaudid is also available in the form of an oral liquid. Injecting the drug into a patient is a way physicians use the drug on patients in their centres.

Palladone, exalgo, and Dilaudid-hp are some ways of referring to Hydromorphone. Big D, Peaches, Dillies, and M-80s are some of the local tags.

Dilaudid Effects And Abuse

Swallowing the drug in pills form doesn't have as strong effects as injecting, therefore it is often injected by those who abuse Dilaudid. And also the pills are crushed and snorted by some users.

As is the case for other opiate painkillers, addicts usually prefer this drug to attain the immense sense of euphoria and relaxation. At times those who have been prescribed the drug may not get pain relief from the dose prescribed, hence the need for a higher dose. Of course, the drug users may also overdose.

Abuse of Dilaudid is any usage of the drug outside of a doctor's recommendation or prescription. This includes taking Dilaudid without a prescription or in higher doses.

Abusers of this drug are at risk of an overdose, which could be disastrous. Larger doses of this drug have the effect of reducing the breathing and blood pressure, this could end up in failure.

Some notable signs of Dilaudid overdose

  • Pinpoint pupils
  • Weak pulse
  • Shallow breathing
  • Unconsciousness
  • Bluish-coloured lips
  • Throwing up

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Some Of The Common Drug Combinations

Recreational abusers of the drug usually mix it with alcohol and or Benzodiazepines to achieve a profound high. The central nervous system is depressed by these three drugs. A mixture of these drugs amplifies the overall effect which could fatally affect the breathing as well as the heart rate. The mixture of these drugs may lead to a severe overdose.

Dilaudid addicts may wish to relive the intense feeling of euphoria and relaxation, and they will continue replicating the 'rush.' The abuse of Dilaudid can lead to the abuse of drugs such as Heroin, which are more accessible.

The Statistics Of Addiction

Most of the individuals who quit the use by themselves often relapse. The difficulty of giving the drug up is removed if you allow help from physician or any group that is ready to provide help. Counselling and medications for cravings and withdrawal are often included in the treatment for Dilaudid. There are different medical facilities that are specially designed for treating addiction to Dilaudid, you can contact them for assistance.