Fentanyl Addiction and Abuse in London Greater London

Fentanyl Knowledge

Fentanyl is an opioid pain reliever that is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. Fentanyl is used to manage severe pain, examples of this is pain resulting from surgery and even pains caused from cancer treatment. The patients who have already built a tolerance to other pain medications are prescribed Fentanyl that is an extremely potent opioid. Its potency implies that there is a high risk of becoming addicted. When an individual becomes addicted to the drug they need bigger doses to feel the benefits of the drug due to gaining a higher tolerance to the drug.

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Many forms can be taken by the Fentanyl to fulfill patient's needs.

Some popular brand names and preparations are

  • Actiq - the lozenge form available on plastic sticks which is normally placed under the tongue like a lollipop.
  • It can be used by military officers and people who are using pain reliever.
  • Duragesic - A patch of Fentanyl which had its inception in the 1990s.
  • The impact of this drug can be felt for 3 days and is recommended for use to deal with minor pain.
  • Sublimaze - Usually given in hospitals at times coupled with analgesics, it is the injectable preparation of Fentanyl.
  • It is used to handle the pain before and after surgeries.
  • Subsys - Subsys deliver immediate pain relief and are a sublingual spray administered under a patient's tongue.
  • The treatment of breakthrough cancer pain is its main effect.
  • Abstral - Is also utilized for the management of breakthrough cancer pain in those who are opioid-tolerant, it is the tablet form of Fentanyl that quickly dissolves when put under the tongue to offer immediate relief of pain.
  • Lazanda - A form of Fentanyl nasal spray that is applied in the same way as the common nasal decongestant spray.
  • In cancer patients, it is predominantly used to treat pain.

Fentanyl blocks the pain receptors in the brain and enhances the production of the happiness-inducing chemical, dopamine. China white, China girl, T&T, crush and dance fever are the street names for Fentanyl.

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Symptoms Of Fentanyl Abuse

This drug has a high chance of being abused in any of its forms just as other high classed drugs are.

When thinking about the potency and addictive potential of the drug it has caused the National Institute on Drug Abuse to produce a warning that a Fentanyl epidemic has the possibility of occurring.

Just like heroin, the drug Fentanyl can give users the same feelings like addiction to heroin when given the recommended dosage.

Some of the symptoms of Fentanyl abuse are

  • Slowed breathing
  • Paroxysm
  • Head pain
  • Unsteadiness
  • Fuzzy vision
  • Constipated
  • Nausea and sickness
  • Itching

The abuse of Fentanyl is dangerous for those who have developed a tolerance to other opioids. Those who respond negatively to pain relievers may increase their chances of using the drug recklessly.

Fentanyl abuse can cause depression and even result in failure of the respiratory system, ending up with a possible fatal overdose.

Using Fentanyl together with illegal narcotics such as heroin or stimulants such as Cocaine enhance the drug's deleterious effects. In case Fentanyl is taken by following a prescription or for recreational needs, it is a quite lethal drug.

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Signs Indicating A Fentanyl Addiction

The drug may reconfigure the brain and stimulate overproduction of dopamine as a result of its effect on the central nervous system. Someone who has been prescribed Fentanyl might turn to illegal methods of getting the drug after finishing their prescribed amount and become dependent on it due to it neurochemical changes.

Abuse to full-blown addiction grows rapidly with OPRs like Fentanyl.

It has a higher likelihood of accidental and intentional abuse since many patients don't believe OPRs like Fentanyl harbour significant additive potentials like heroin or other street drugs. Problematic behaviour like building a habit or suffering withdrawal symptoms is completely understood by the healthcare professionals therefore they are able to quickly and efficiently able to make diagnostics.

You can recognize an addiction to Fentanyl by learning more about them.

Fentanyl Addiction And The Treatment

Even though it is not really life-threatening when stopping the use this drug by going cold turkey, it is not the best decision. An addiction to the substance is developed when on those who live with a Fentanyl addiction have been using the drugs over a long period of time, withdrawals take a painful toll on users. Inpatient and outpatient resources are offered by specialized treatment centres to help those addicted quit Fentanyl.

The severity of Fentanyl withdrawal might vary depending how much the drug is used and what form it is use in, withdrawal symptoms range from marked chills and irritability to restlessness and sweating.

Although Fentanyl has a non-lethal withdrawal, there is a great chance of developing a relapse. During detoxification, professional medical supervision can reduce the odds of relapse.

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The result of a Fentanyl addiction can be dangerous, but despite the hurdles, winning is possible. There are support groups to help those who are recovering all over the country. Do whatever you can to stop your addiction now.