Heroin Addiction and Abuse in London Greater London

Heroin Addiction And Dependency

Heroin is a strong opiate with a serious impact on the mind's rewarding system.

By influencing the production of happy chemicals in the brain, such as dopamine and endorphins, Heroin falsifies this reward system.

One of the most dangerous and highly addictive substances known to man is Heroin. People can spend a small fortune on this drug in a day, despite the drug's cheapness.

The chemicals in the brain affected by the drug are normally released when carrying out survival activities like eating or managing pain.

Addiction to Heroin occurs in 25 percent of people who have not used it before.

Heroin is able to quickly form a link to the brain and trick the awakening of these chemicals that are produced every day. Ultimately, the user is so dependent on the drug, they are helpless without it. A life without Heroin is hard to comprehend when withdrawal effects and addiction intertwined make it difficult to stop alone.

The way painkillers are abused can pave the way for future abuse of Heroin as well. Intravenous use of Heroin started for some people when they were using the same technique to use grinded painkillers.

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Telling signs of Heroin addiction include

  • Maintaining use of Heroin despite linked issues
  • Failing to quit or reduce use
  • Having persevering desires
  • Developing a resistance to Heroin

Some of the signs of being addicted to Heroin are using it intravenously or using more of the drug before feeling the effects. Once dependent, what looked like an easy and cheap way to enjoy spare time now becomes an expensive habit that is mandatory for every day functions.

Knowing About Heroin

Produced from the seeds of a poppy plant, Heroin is a very addictive painkiller made from Morphine. Any drugs extracted from poppy plants are regarded as opiates, as poppy plants are used to make Opium. Morphine is an opiate and so is Heroin.

Heroin is additionally recognised by terms like Smack, Junk or "H." Heroin sold on the streets is not pure and usually, is laced with other hazardous chemicals such as Morphine or the potent pain reliever Fentanyl.

Roughly four million Americans have taken Heroin at least once in their life. Collapsed veins, dejection, and serious cases of itching are some negative effects of using Heroin for a long period of time.

How Does Heroin Appear

Heroin is available in different appearances. Inhaling, using intravenously, and smoking are some of the variety of techniques that Heroin can be overused in its forms.

Heroin's Resulting Effects

Heroin is said to produce a highly strong sense of happiness within users. Addicts frequently experience a "rush" from the drug reaching the brain very efficiently when injecting Heroin.

This rush is experienced for roughly two minutes only when using intravenous Heroin. In terms of pleasure, intravenous users have compared the rush to an orgasm. As Heroin goes through the blood system, the high goes on for four to five hours.

Common effects of Heroin use are

  • Serenity
  • Less worries
  • Stress relief
  • Feeling sleepy
  • Nonchalant attitude

Effects of Heroin can often be seen as innocent and painless to people who are first starting to use the drug. Even the dizziness and drowsiness that come with the use of the drug seem pleasurable. There usually isn't a hangover or comedown from initial Heroin use, which is an appealing advantage to new consumers, unlike substances such as alcohol or ecstasy.

As tolerance develops fast, something which seems like harmless or occasional Heroin use frequently grows into addiction. In the course of time, without taking the drug, the user doesn't feel normal as their brain cannot produce natural amounts of dopamine on its own. A very real danger of dying from Heroin overdose comes with every increased dosage intake.

Indications of a Heroin overdose include

  • Breathing shallowly
  • Dry mouth
  • Tongue discoloration
  • Very small pupils
  • Unusually slow pulse
  • Blue coloured lips

Other Drugs And Heroin

Often, those who become Heroin addicts start off taking and getting hooked on painkillers. Painkillers like OxyContin are categorised as opioids as they're synthetic and opiate-like substances that stimulate the same receptors in brain as Heroin.

Painkillers can be expensive and difficult to get, even though they have same effects as Heroin. Numerous people who get addicted to painkillers change to Heroin as it less expensive and easily available.

Nearly 50 percent of youngsters who utilise Heroin reported abusing painkillers before proceeding onward to Heroin. Some presume that Heroin might be less demanding to acquire than painkillers.

What The Figures Say About Heroin Use

Heroin is among the most potent addictive drugs known and it is extremely difficult to quit using it by oneself. Should you or a loved one be battling Heroin addiction, look for help by calling 0800 772 3971 as there are treatment and support facilities available.