Heroin Addiction Symptoms and Warning Signs in London Greater London

What Are The Signs That One Is Using Of Heroin?

The most dangerous of any drug are the side effect of heroin addiction. Awareness of the symptoms characteristic of a heroin abuser can be helpful in saving his or her life.

One of the most enslaving drugs around is heroine. Many people end up dependent on the drug and unable to function normally without it even if they only intended to use the drug a few times only.

Many addicts excel in concealing their addiction and it can prove complicated to identify a heroin user. It's uncommon for new heroin addicts to inoculate the drug as needle or "track" signs are an obvious proof.

Signs of heroin abuse include

  • Eyes are Bloodshot
  • Pupils that are pinpoint and constricted
  • Unprecedented loss of weight
  • Behaving Secretively
  • A change in ones appearance
  • Demotivation
  • Heavy sleepiness or dozing off
  • They may suddenly be constantly borrowing money

Heroin Dangers

Many people are aware of the addictive nature of heroin even as they continue to use it. There also exists some short term and long term effects of this drug, besides the indirect risks that could pose a danger to someone's life.

HIV or hepatitis are sicknesses that heroin abusers are most likely to get.

People who are addicted to heroin often inject the drug and share their needles pose a risk of blood-borne viruses. Higher rates of viruses among heroin users can be as a result of risky sexual behaviour. Furthermore, the risk of spontaneous abortion is manifold amongst pregnant heroin users.

Suicide attempts also tend to occur at higher rate among individuals who are dependent on the drug. In some instances, users will intentionally overdose. Self-murder's probabilities increase in those heroin addicts who are affected by psychological problems like depression or bipolar disorder.

Withdrawal from the drug may also cause depression and this alone is enough to cause some users to attempt suicide. Call us for support if you or a person you care about is facing heroin problems.

Heroin's dependence indications are

  • Unhappiness and constant sadness
  • Suspicious
  • Severe skin burning sensations
  • Irregular passing of stools
  • Short Breath
  • Mouth Dryness
  • One having slurred speech
  • Damaged veins
  • Nausea and Throwing up

As time goes by, the symptoms of heroin use get progressively worse A prolonged period of use, could potentially lead to a destruction of the immune system as well as the internal organs. The attendant risk of developing or acquiring communicable as well as non-communicable diseases rises considerably. Disorders to the heart, lungs, and liver are another consequence of a long-term use of heroin.

Heroin has an effect of depressing the breathing as well as the heart rate, a potential risk for fatal overdose. Permanent brain damage or coma can be caused by a nonfatal overdose.

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How To Identify A Heroin Addict

Heroin has physically and psychologically addictive traits, trying it out for fun could lead to a rapid addiction to it. There are 11 signs that are indicative of an addiction to heroin according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. These include the following; taking more heroin than you had intended, developing tolerance to heroin and using it while being aware of its adverse effects. The severity of the addiction is characterized by the number of symptoms that can be seen in the addict.

There exists a wide range of treatment options that could help one get over the addiction, and for the record a huge number receive treatment for heroin addiction on an annual basis.

Physical dependence that stems from abuse of heroine results in addiction.

How To Intervene When Someone Is Addicted To Heroin

It is very rare for a heroin addict to willingly admit their addiction and even harder for such a person to seek treatment. people don't feel their drug use has become a problem yet, for those in the early stages if their addiction. Some usually give up especially if their addiction is serious and they've already tried unsuccessfully to quit on various occasions. Carrying out an action could be the proper way to convince them into seeking treatment.

Treatment For Addiction And Withdrawal Symptoms

The physical dependence that develops with abuse is especially characterised by heroin addiction. Removal effects and a craving for bigger quantities of heroin to feel high are indications of physical addiction.

Removal effects for heroin dependence can result in extreme physical distress and sometimes they take place in just two hours from the last injection, contrasting with drugs that don't result in physical craving like marijuana and Cocaine. One could also experience psychological symptoms of heroin withdrawal

Psychological symptoms may include cold sweats, muscle pain, and depression.

Remaining effects can go on for various months while these symptoms usually don't last more than 7 days after the last intake of heroin. The best and safest way of managing heroin withdrawal symptoms is through the intervention of a professional medical centre. In a distraction-free environment, these treatment centres also offer therapy and support groups. If you are suffering from Heroin addiction, you should try to find a rehabilitation centre near you.