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Hydrocodone Addiction And Treatment

It may seem impossible to overcome an addiction to Hydrocodone but that is far from the truth, there is more than one way to free yourself from the grasp of addiction. The possibility of completely healing from dependency is high nowadays.

The number of treatment options available for Hydrocodone addiction is various. Help is available, just ask.

When it comes to getting rid of drugs from a person's body, completely quitting them is the first step. Thereafter the steps include providing counselling, support groups and rehab.

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Inpatient treatment is most crucial especially in the stage where the patient's body is still adjusting to functioning without the drug. Hydrocodone addiction rehabilitation is readily available in most centres.

A dependency on Hydrocodone can be cured by a lot of the rehab facilities that are available. Some of these included are

Starting Recovery

The road to recovery is not going to be a walk in the park and it starts with detoxification. A supervised detox provides an effective method to get the drugs out of an individual who may be addicted while minimising the withdrawal symptoms.

The other withdrawal symptoms exhibited by the patient during detox are dizziness, body pains and profuse sweating. Hydrocodone withdrawal may last up to a week and it is very crucial to go through it with expert care. Medical supervision is often needed when seeking to remaining Hydrocodone free after a detox.

Pharmaceutical Solutions For Hydrocodone Addiction

Pharmaceuticals for withdrawal are utilized to decrease the physical reactions and longings. To stop the addict from returning to drugs again, maintenance drugs are used.

Use Of Buprenorphine In Withdrawal

Buprenorphine has received approval for the treatment of Opioid dependence by the Food And Drug Administration In 2002. Subutex and Suboxone are two popular brands of buprenorphine that are used as medication in treating withdrawal symptoms.

This withdrawal medication are in tablet form taken by the patient and are normally dissolved under the tongue. This medication is useful for detox and for long-term treatment.

  • Subutex
  • This drug is a more potent Buprenorphine form that should be administered to the patient under professional care to combat withdrawal symptoms.
  • This is achieved by connecting similar receptors in the brain influenced by Hydrocodone that delivers almost comparable impact.
  • Abuse of this drug is highly unlikely.
  • Suboxone
  • Also treats physical symptoms of stopping drug use but unlike Subutex, it is not pure it is a mixture of Buprenorphine and Naloxone.
  • Naloxone is added to it to obstruct the impacts of Hydrocodone.
  • To counter the symptoms of an Opioid overdose, Naloxone is typically used.

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Naltrexone Use For Cravings

Naltrexone is a drug used as a medication to inhibit cravings as a maintenance drug post-rehab. It has been commonly used for treating addictions to opiates and alcohol. The good thing is that one doesn't need to be in a rehab centre to receive this drug.

Naltrexone blocks Opioid receptors and trends Hydrocodone from delivering a euphoric effect. Theoretically, it discourages addicts of Hydrocodone from using the substance again. Undergoing this treatment can help individuals who genuinely need to recover and the patient has to take full responsibility to take the tablets if he wants to recover.

Inpatient And Outpatient Hydrocodone Rehabilitation

Inpatient approach is more comprehensive and controlled. As an initial step, regular and controlled therapeutic administration is carried to contain withdrawal indications. Residential programs offer case work and group work to treat the inherent purpose of drug usage, thus eliminating the root cause of the problem.

Outpatient restoration programs permit individuals with gentle addictions to begin recuperation without affecting their normal life. Individuals in outpatient recovery for a Hydrocodone abuse often visit a centre a few times each week for treatment and therapy.

When someone is suffering from a severe Hydrocodone dependency, non-residential treatments may not be the best option; although they have proven to be very effective.

Regain Your Life Now

Many people dealing with Hydrocodone addiction find it difficult to believe that recovery is possible, but it is essential for them to understand that it is not at all difficult to turn your life around with the right treatment.