Ketamine Addiction and Abuse in London Greater London

Abuse And Dependence To Ketamine

Habit Of Using Ketamine

Ketamine, which is hallucinogenic in nature, is abused by most young individuals in raves and clubs. Sometimes, it is used by humans and animals as a tranquilizer.

Because of the dependency or habit of using these drugs, people totally become segregated from their environment and they become unable to live a typical life.

At this stage, their speaking power and memory is affected badly and they become cognitively impaired.

Symptoms of having Ketamine dependency are

To overthrow Ketamine dependence, support is a necessity. Alterations in the brain caused by Ketamine makes people unable to quit the drug by themselves, producing a strong mental dependence.

  • Increased usage
  • Longing for the next shot
  • Overspending
  • Irresponsible with important issues
  • Requiring higher doses due to tolerance
  • Ignoring family and friends

To get rid of Ketamine addiction, professional guidance and help is a must. The treatment can balance out the brain chemicals, which make it easy to start a mental recovery process.

Knowing About Ketamine

Although it has been regularly abused for recreational purposes, Ketamine which also goes by names such as Special K, Kit Kat, Dorothy and Vitamin K is actually an anaesthetic intended for animals. Majority of abusers are party-loving young people.

Schedule III controlled substances is the classification of Ketamine, the same as Codeine and Anabolic Steroids.

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High psychological dependence and low physical dependence are the most serious consequences of abusing Schedule III controlled substances.

The user keeps increasing quantities as they chase the initial high because Ketamine has a short-lived high and users quickly build a resistance.

Using Ketamine without a doctor's prescription is illegal.

Ketamine comes in various forms including an ingestible pill, a powder which is snorted or as an injectable liquid. Ketamine can cause the user to be totally helpless and has thus been used as a date rape drug, since its hard to detect due to its colourlessness and lack of scent.

Misuse And Abuse Of Ketamine

Ketamine decreases the sensations of the body because of its sedative function, that also produces hallucinogenic deliriums. The effect of the substance is fast and short. The higher dose by injection causes the effect called K-hole, in which an individual feels near to death, out-of-body and makes him or her disengaged from normal life.

Sedative effects of the drug can result in serious danger for users of this drug because of a numb feeling.

Ketamine effects are unpredictable, so overdosing it accidentally is easy. At times, Ketamine overdose can occur after one has taken a small quantity, especially if they have been indulging in other substances or drinking alcohol. Being a tranquilizer, a user can completely lose mobility. A Ketamine overdose can damage the respiratory system which results in death of the user.

Popular Combinations Of Ketamine And Drugs

Ketamine is used with various other drugs that can enhance its worse effects and can be much more dreadful. When taken as a liquid, Ketamine can be easily combined with alcohol, marijuana, or nicotine. Alcohol is a depressant like Ketamine, so the combination of the two is particularly harmful.

Taking Ketamine along with other depressants might see the heart rate or respiratory function reduced fatally.

Ketamine's powder form can be easily mixed with other powdered drugs and produced into a capsule or pill. Ketamine and MDMA can be hazardous when mixing them together because Ketamine is a depressant and MDMA is a stimulant. LSD and DMT are psychedelics that are also blended with Ketamine.