Legal Highs Addiction and Abuse in London Greater London

One or more chemical substances is contained in new psychoactive substances - often incorrectly called legal highs which produce similar effects to illegal drugs (such as cannabis, cocaine, and ecstasy).

Albeit some of these purported 'lawful highs' have been legitimate previously, many are at present unlawful. These substances are banned to produce, use or supply for human or personal consumption after The Psychoactive Substances Act introduced in 2016. Compared to the term, 'Legal Highs', New Psychoactive substances is much more accurate. Presently, legal highs is widely talked about and understood by people and as such, on this site it has been used as you might find out. This does not mean that these psychoactive substances are legal.

The knowledge on majority of the drugs is scarce which has hindered knowing exactly how they affect people, their potential strength or what they will result to when consumed with alcohol or other substances 'You may find the ingredients listed on the package but can't be certain that they accurately describe what's inside. So you can't exactly be sure what you've purchased or been given, or what impact it's likely to have on you or your friends. Most NPS sell with different brand names such as 'Mary Jane', 'Clockwork Orange', 'Bliss' and several have been associated with poisoning, emergency cases needing admissions to hospitals and, in some instances death cases.

How Psychoactive Substances Affect London Based Users

Below are the impacts and effects of NPS drugs in four main classes.

Although the intensity and potency may vary among substances under a category, they bring mostly the same type of effect or effects.

Stimulants In London

You feel good, active, thrilled, friendly and euphoric after taking mephedrone, naphyrone etc. (amphetamines, cocaine, or ecstasy).

Downers Or Sedatives In London

(like GBH/GBL, methoxetamine) act comparably to benzodiazepines (drugs like diazepam or Valium), or GHB/GBL, in that they can make you feel euphoric, casual or drowsy.

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Psychedelics And Hallucinogens In London

(like NBOMe drugs) act like ketamine, magic mushrooms, LSD, and methoxetamine.

Being a hallucinogen, it creates an altered perception making the person experiencing it detached from the real world.

Synthetic Cannabinoids In London

(like Spice or Black Mamba) act same as cannabis.

Comfortable, changed cognizance, disinhibition, a condition of being stimulated and happiness are the same effects like cannabis intoxication.