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Lunesta Addiction

Lunesta [Eszopiclone] is a sleeping medication which is commonly prescribed to treat acute insomnia but has a high potential for abuse. A user can develop rapid dependence on the drug, making it useful for temporary solution for insomnia.

Useful for helping people overcome difficulty in sleeping, Lunesta is a drug that slows down the body's functions. Because it is seen as a simple sleeping pill, its potential for addiction is often downplayed.

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Because people can become dependent to it, physicians use it as a temporary cure for sleeplessness and that's what people don't know.

A man who is dependent on Lunesta may

  • Continue taking the Lunesta after the prescription has expired
  • Isolate themselves from loved ones
  • Repeatedly put off quitting Lunesta
  • Start taking high doses without counselling their specialist
  • They feel Lunesta improves their life
  • Depend on the medication to get a high
  • Display cravings for the drug
  • Begin mixing Lunesta with other drugs in order to increase its sedative potential

Long time abusers of Lunesta display withdrawal symptoms like sleeplessness and nervousness. Treating Lunesta addiction at a rehab centre under professional care and supervision increases chances of success as the symptoms can be horrible.

Lunesta addicts can successfully overcome the addiction by paying attention to their symptoms and prescribing the appropriate drug, this is what doctors and others do at rehab facilities. The therapists also monitor the sleep patterns of the patient and recommend how best to adopt their lifestyle so as to overcome the sleep disorder. The treating medical professional will also help identify any underlying mental and emotional problems that could have led to the dependency.

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Learn About Lunesta Or Eszopiclone

A non-benzodiazepine sedative-hypnotic Lunesta is the brand name of eszopiclone that is prescribed to treat insomnia. Lunesta, Ambien, and Sonata all come under CNS depressants known as "Z-drugs," used as sleeping pills.

The shape of Lunesta pills is circular, and the colour is white or blue. They are available in 1 MG or 3 MG strength. To increase the power of the drug, many users sniff it, although the manufacturers recommend taken it by mouth.

Lunesta binds the receptors in the brain to slow overactive brain function which helps the users fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The person then experiences powerful calmness and sleepiness.

The medication is prone to huge level of mishandle, hence there is huge regulation for this drug and prescribed only as a temporary solution. Addicts can get this drug fraudulently although it's not available for sale in local stores without any prescription. Sleepers, zombies and sleepeasies are the street names for Lunesta.

Lunesta Misuse Effects

Lunesta users mostly use it as part of their sleep regimen and over a long time, it can become addictive. Lunesta usage of more than recommended dosage or period is abuse. Some of the good effects of Lunesta influence the addiction to it. The promise of continuous deep sleep results in an energetic and alert feeling when one awakes. Others abuse Lunesta in order to enjoy the calm feelings and drowsiness it causes. Overusing the drug may result from using it without recommendation.

These are the symptoms of misusing the drug

  • Using the drug for anything then its intended purpose
  • Crushing the pills into a powder for snorting
  • Taking more tablets than prescribed
  • Using Lunesta without a prescription or for periods that are not prescribed

A Lunesta overdose may produce various symptoms which are also dependent on other things such as how much the person has taken and for how long they have been on the drug including the fact whether they have taken the drug with another sedative like alcohol. The following symptoms may indicate an overdose of Lunesta

  • Fatigue
  • Abruptly passing out
  • Trouble breathing
  • Comatose

Lunesta is not treated as a habit forming drug. However if a person consume it in high doses over a longer period of time, it can become highly lethal.

Popular Drug Combinations Of Lunesta

Lunesta is also used with other drugs in some cases Users will combine Lunesta with other drugs to get a stronger result. The danger in combining other drugs with Lunesta is unknown to some people.

Some resulting effects of combining Lunesta with other sedatives are

  • Daytime laziness
  • Head pain
  • Strange or unpalatable taste in the mouth
  • Blocked nose
  • Sneezing
  • Throat infection

Alcohol is a CNS sedative just like Lunesta and combining both is extremely risky. Loss of concentration, drowsiness, and other negative impact of using Lunesta as a tranquilizer is usually enhanced when the drug is used together with alcohol. Hypertension, laboured breathing may result from taking Lunesta with a lot of alcohol.

Ingesting Lunesta with other drugs can increase the risks of an overdose which can be fatal in nature.

Statistics Of Lunesta Abuse

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