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What Is Addiction To Painkillers All About

Prescription pain-relieving medications called painkillers are the most addictive drugs used in the UK. Across the country, millions of prescriptions for pain relievers are signed and several users develop a dependency to these pain relievers on their dose that has been prescribed alone.

A person can develop addiction to painkillers even with recommended measurements. Painkillers holds the highest potential as the most abused drugs in America because it is the most prescribed drug in the country. It gives an euphoric effect to the users, thus making them addicted to the substance. Discover a treatment facility that can help you recover quickly by calling 0800 772 3971.

Corporeal reliance and mental obligation to use a substance delineate an addiction. If the user uses pain relievers for an extended time, he/she can develop a physical addiction.

There are two signs of physical dependency to the drugs; the body develops tolerance to the drugs and withdrawal symptoms will appear without drugs. Physical dependency is marked by the ignorant behaviour towards the negative consequences of abusing drugs.

Data On Analgesic Dependence

Dependence on painkillers is huge menace gripping the country right now.

Below are some disturbing insights for painkiller manhandle, as per the National Institute on Drug Abuse

Do not worry if you are currently fighting painkiller addiction because there are many people and programs that can help you overcoming the addiction. You can recover from addiction if you have will power to overcome it. Take your first step today.

Frequently Used Analgesics

  • Codeine belongs to opiates but is less potent than other ones; easily available with a prescription, codeine is used for relieving cough and pain, from mild to moderate.
  • Codeine is frequently mixed with sweet drinks to form a solution popularly called purple drink which is often misused by young people.
  • Codeine can lead users on to more dangerous or addictive drugs.
  • Darvon/Darvocet these two propoxyphene-based painkillers are very dangerous when their use was at its peak, thousands of people were hospitalized and died due to these drugs; so, FDA have banned use of Darvocet and Darvon in the US.
  • The distribution of most of these illicit drugs has continued till today.
  • Demerol This drug is prescribed for treating moderate to severe amount of pain. It is less prescribed than any other pain killers because it holds high potential to cause an addiction.
  • Demerol is actually the brand name. The drug is called meperidine and cause euphoria which is similar to morphine effect.
  • Dilaudid being a strong opioid analgesic, Dilaudid is even dubbed 'hospital-grade heroin'.
  • Dilaudid is available in extended discharge tablets, and is very hazardous for individuals without a resistance to opioids. Abusing this drug can rapidly prompt to breathing issues or results in death.
  • Fentanyl Being up to 100 times more potent than morphine, this synthetic painkiller is used to relieve severe pain, if the patient has developed tolerance to opioids.
  • A perilous outcome consisting of overdose related issues endures when fentanyl is combined with other analgesics as well as heroin.
  • Hydrocodone - It can be found in drugs like Norco and Vicodin and is a primary ingredient in several strong painkillers.
  • Hydrocodone is used along with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. However FDA has given approval for using hydrocodone in pure form
  • They are all exceptionally addictive.
  • Methadone An opioid utilized for mild to serious torment, methadone is also used for check yearnings for individuals who are dependent on different sedatives, including heroin.
  • It might be used to wean individuals from depending on other drugs, but methadone remains within a long list of highly addictive substances.
  • Morphine - This very powerful opiate has been praised as a blessing for patients who have to endure serious chronic pain.
  • Considered as the most addictive substances available currently and its usage has caused lot of accidental medication related deaths across the country.
  • Oxycodone - Commonly sold under different names like Percocet and Oxycontin, it also belongs to the group of drugs that have a high dependency ratio and it can easily be obtained over the counter.
  • It is associated with a strong possibility of abuse and is one of the most commonly prescribed pain relievers.

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Getting Cured From An Addiction To Analgesics

A painkiller addiction has the potential to be risky, crippling and costly. There are experienced and qualified hands that could help one get over a dependence on analgesics with the number equalling those suffering from this form of addiction. Selecting a good addiction treatment facility will enable you to overbear your addiction to painkiller and regain control over your life. Several treatment centres with trained addiction counsellors and successful therapy programs are available. Taking into consideration your place of residence, personal needs, and the price range, we will find the rehabilitation centre that will help you to successfully overcome your dependence on painkillers.