Speed Addiction and Abuse in London Greater London

What Is Speed In London?

This type of amphetamine also known as speed on the streets is the lesser pure form of ice (the purest form of this amphetamine). Other amphetamines also may be called speed.

Speed has stimulative effects and users take it to stay awake, alert and energised.

Speed is also taken for other reasons like

  • Lively and friendly.
  • People use it as it provides them the ability to work or do things for hours without feeling exhausted, such as dancing, chatting, and taking part in social activities.
  • People taking speed are often observed to be overly active and energetic.
  • When the drug is diminished in the blood system, the resulting low may produce feelings of hopelessness and short temper that take a long time to overcome.
  • Too much use of speed puts too much pressure on the heart causing heart disease. Speed overdose has been reported to result in fatalities.

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The Effects Of Speed In London

Those using speed get a high that makes them extra sensitive, wide awake and pumped up; they also may become jittery and violent.

The other effects derived from speed use are

  • Unusual alertness and talkativeness.
  • Extended stamina and endurance to perform physical activities (party people use this in clubs to keep them up all night long).
  • Loss of appetite (this sometimes find its way to diet pills due to this effect).
  • Speed can also leave users feeling panicked, agitated and psychotic attacks (referring to a mental state under which people see and hear non-existent things and hallucinations)

Dangers Of Taking Speed To The People Of London

There are dangers associated with taking speed.

These are the effects it could have on you

  • It can be hard for you to relax or sleep, depending on the quantity you used.
  • The 'comedown', which can continue for a couple of days, can make addicts feel so sluggish and down, and you can develop focusing problems and with studying.
  • Those already with heart problems or hypertension should not take speed as it pressurizes the heart - It is known to have killed many users this way.
  • Another certain way speed kills is when it is made as a cocktail with other anti-depressants or alcohol.
  • Using excessive amounts of speed, together with its influence on diet and sleep, can damage your immune system - so there's a possibility of getting more chills, flu, and sore throats. Speed can result in agitation, depression, irritability, aggression and paranoia; as well as mental illness, even to acute psychotic episodes ( this is a mental condition when you see or hear things that seem real but does not really exist and have delusions).
  • Infusion of speed is particularly deadly.
  • It's very easy to dose excessively while injecting.
  • Speed is often highly adulterated, so it's not only the amphetamine that enters into your circulatory system.
  • The frequent passage of speed through the veins deteriorates them and in some instances, ulcers may even develop.
  • Other contagious diseases (hepatitis and HIV) are being spread when using speed via the sharing of infected needles.