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What We Provide

Inaugurated in 2003, Drug Rehab London offers rehabilitation services from drug and alcohol addiction. Our experience is extensive as a result of helping scores fighting forms of substance abuse.

How We Help

The United Kingdom's Substance Misuse Service it provided by Drug Rehab London. At every step of the treatment of the patients, we employ a comprehensive system that involves perfect clinical care, psychosocial interventions and peer support. Our dream is to offer care that is centred on the individual, supports recovery and in the long run assists people to achieve long-lasting abstinence from alcohol and substances.

To accomplish our vision, we

  • Provoke ourselves to make all that we do, from specialist recommending to community oriented care planning of the most elevated quality.
  • Work in group based treatment centre points close to where individuals live.
  • Develop workable partnerships with nearby Community Pharmacists, GPs and colleagues from everywhere, because we believe that healing is hugely aided by excellent primary care
  • Provide a full scope of evidence based treatment that perceives the mind boggling nature of addiction and its concerns.
  • Make use of the power of Mutual Aid as well as peer support in making recovery perceptible and able to be reached successfully.
  • Belong to SMART Recovery.
  • Perceive the necessities of families, caregivers and offer help plus guidance.
  • Links with what is accessible and fill the breaches that we discover.

To take in more about Drug Rehab London's Addiction Services please get in touch with us on 0800 772 3971.

For Anyone Needing Our Services

Please see our Patient Information Handouts that explain in detail how you can benefit from our rehab services.

Refer to our Guide to Methadone and Buprenorphine for info regarding the Opioid Substitution Treatments (OST) that are available.