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Getting To Know About Holistic Therapy

Holistic medicine helps patients overcome addiction to drugs when traditional methods are combined with positive changes in their lifestyles.

Holistic addiction therapies utilise the methods of non-medicinal recovery, which are used for complement treatment practices of the traditional variety. The holistic therapy seeks to bring the whole being spirit, mind and body to function well together.

Nutrition, meditation and exercise are some of the methods utilized in rehabilitation centres that also provide holistic therapies.

The overall well-being of the individual is considered by holistic therapy primarily while also providing proper attention to the physical symptoms of addiction and withdrawal.

Holistic Therapies May Include The Following

  • Yoga
  • Tai chi
  • Meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Spiritual healing
  • Physical exercise
  • Proper nutrition
  • Consultation
  • Art therapy

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Overcoming Drug Dependency Using Holistic Therapy

In holistic therapy programs, addiction treatment methods that are not medical are applied based on an individual's needs. The objective of the therapy is to have holistic therapists treat the physical and the symptoms of mental addiction along with any emotional and nutritional imbalances, which may be present.

A recovering drug user may be experiencing lack of sleep, emotional problems and many other problems that can be treated using holistic therapy. The needs of the individual guide the plans for the holistic therapy that is used.

Holistic therapy aims to assist in

  • Discovering the cause of the addiction
  • Building up a resistance to drug cravings
  • Improve the physical health of patient
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Make the use of drugs and alcohol less attractive to the user

Kinds Of Holistic Methods In Addiction Treatment

Holistic therapy addresses the various areas that constitute a healthy lifestyle.

The main practices involve

  • Nutritive Treatment
  • One requires being healthy in body to recover from other afflictions.
  • Checking the patient's diet will go a long way in making sure they recover.
  • Recovering addicts have an opportunity to start afresh and provide their bodies with the nutrition that is needed to overcome their addiction.
  • Use Of Exercises and Recreational Activities
  • Apart from helping to ease stress and make the body strong, regular exercise helps to create a routine.
  • In holistic therapy, this is one of the main practices that should never be avoided.
  • There are different exercises one can take depending on which ones fit them.
  • Meditation Drills
  • A clear mind is essential for recovering addicts who are looking forward to overcoming their addiction.
  • In holistic therapy, taking part in reflection is one way through which you can stop the urge to using the drugs.
  • To help the recovering users gain clearer minds, yoga and tai chi may also be provided to help improve meditation.
  • Acupuncture And Massage Therapy
  • Massage is yet another commonly applied holistic treatment method since it helps to relax the body.
  • Acupuncture is also used in restoring the body of a long-time addict.

Traditional addiction treatment methods which are most effective are used by holistic recovery programs that took forward to build up on them. However, a doctor should be available to monitor the progress of the treatments on the addict.

Common techniques which are paired when using holistic methods includes

  • Detoxification
  • Professional medical assistance
  • Private psychiatric counselling

Most of recovering patients as well participate in groups of 12-step program (e.g. Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous) to get psychological assistance.

Identifying A Holistic Therapy Clinic Near You

Holistic treatment technique is now being used in many rehab centres all over the world. The philosophy behind holistic therapy is simple. It aims to locate and maintain a balance in all aspects of life and is compatible with various addiction treatment methods. As far as stress management is concerned, meditation and yoga can prove to be good complements to cognitive behavioural therapy. You na resist the urge to use the drugs when you learn how to control your feelings in a positive way.

Holistic treatment paired with psychological guidance and professionally undertaken detoxification, can cope with very difficult situations of addiction. There are many treatment facilities all over the nation offering individualized treatment plans.

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